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Whether you want to hang a message board in your kitchen or decorate a child's room with a movie poster, consider creating a versatile message board from magnetic paint. You can then use magnets to put up messages or pictures on the board and exchange them as often as you like.

What You'll Need

At a home improvement store you'll find wood shelves, squares and rectangles in a range of sizes. Pick one for your versatile message board. You'll need a foam brush and magnetic paint, as well as two small nails and a short length of rope (or ribbon). 

Paint Your Message Board

I recommend applying three coats of magnetic paint. Use a thick layer of paint for each coat, smearing the paint on in straight lines using the foam brush. Be sure the coats are dry between applications. 

Hang Your Versatile Message Board 

Once dry, turn the board over and use the small nails to attach the ribbon (or short length of rope) to the back of the message board on either side. Then simply hang the board up where you like. 

Craft Your Own Magnets

Many businesses today hand out free magnetic business cards. You can glue your own picture on top and make your own magnets. To put up a poster on your magnetic board, you'll want four magnets (one for each corner). For a true message board, you'll want as many as ten magnets. Craft stores and home improvement stores also carry magnets in a range of sizes. Glue sea shells on magnets for a marine message board. Silk flowers for a country kitchen motif. Marbles for a boy's room message board, or large colorful buttons for a girl's room. 

Be Creative

Turn your message board into a decorative element. In a girl's room, you can hang a rainbow of colorful ribbons on your magnetic board. In a bathroom display dry flowers that were flattened in a book. Old greeting cards are especially beautiful to display on your magnetic board, as are poems printed out in elegant cursive. The best thing about using a magnetic board is the ease with which you can hang things without damaging them. No need to tape the corners of your poster. No need to drive tacks into your greeting cards. With a magnetic message board you suspend them as if by magic. 




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