Promagnetic Paint

A revolution for homes, offices, businesses and schools

Magnetic Wall enables the complete transformation of any setting, it can be a retail store, a coffee shop, or even your own sitting room. Our complete graphic system provides designers a huge potential for branding and marketing campaigns.

Installation and fitting of convetional wallcoverings require high costs and a long installation time.  They need to be carried out by expert fitters, not only in a first installation but also in every changed needed, season, promotion…. Conventional types of visual displays are relatively bulky and expensive to ship and once delivered they are time consuming to install and need specially trained staff.  These graphics are not re-usable so the process has to be done for every season or campaign change.

    Magnetic Wall system if a fairly simple to install initially, and it is virtually effortless for employees to refresh the graphics in stores as often as needed without requiring any special training or equipment. Promosteel is a very light material, so shipments to destination are very cheap, installation is costless so the effort and time to change graphics is reduced to a minimum.  Quality of the prints has improved substantially with new developed materials, large formats, compatibilities with printers… like the DYE Promosteel.  

Up to now, a magnet was only applied to a steel base, with Magnetic Wall the magnetic and magnetic receptive materials can be applied to virtually any surface.  

Retailers are constantly competing with each other to display stunning, photo-quality graphics and create the sense of a dynamic in-store experience for shoppers. It is also important for materials and installation to be cost-effective and easy to install and update, Magnetic Wall offers benefits fot both printers and in store marketers in terms of graphic quality and applications.

Flexible Magnetic Sheet

Change the decor of your walls whenever you want

The combination of Promacnetic Paint and Flexible Magnetic Sheet gives new life to your walls. Flexible Magnetic Sheet is a printable magnetic material that can be easily placed on Promagnetic Painted walls in addition to steel walls. The material is durable and can be printed on a wide range of digital printers and is available in wide format up to 1270mm width.

The Promagnetic Paint provides a smooth magntically receptive surface in one coat and can be easily overpointed width the colour of your choice. It is a water based paint so no strong odours when used indoors.

The Flexible Magnetic Sheet works almost like magic. Simply take the printed Magnetic Sheets and place them in position against the painted wall and they will stay in place until you choose to move them. These graphics can be easily changed by the Instore graphics team so no need for expensive outside contractors.

Promagnetic Paint Flexible Magnetic Sheet


• Ferrous wall paint for interior use only.
• Attracts magnets.


• Dark grey

Spreading rate

• Approx. 2.5 m2/l on a primed surface.

Drying time at 23°C

• Dust-dry: After approx. 2 hours.
• Recoatable: After approx. 4-6 hours.

Surface preparation

• The surface must be clean, dry and free from oil, dust or grease. Make good any surface irregularities.


• Flexible material permanently magnetised
• Can be drilled, cut with scissors, knife or die-cut
• Can be directly digitally printed
• Available in matte and gloss white
• Wide format available up to 1270mm
• This product contains no lead


• The printing of material can be in any color
• Available in matte and glossy back coating

Surface preparation

• After using Promagnetic Paint, simply place

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Magnetic Wall classic

Magnetic Wall pro

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